Official Letter No. 2054 / PTTH & TTĐT dated October 12, 2020 of theAuthority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information sent to Google Company stating the situation: “Currently on YouTube there are many channels and videos aimed at viewers. are young people with unhealthy content, in violation of the law, contrary to Vietnamese fine traditions, such as children's channels and videos with vulgar, objectionable, bullshit content , promoting gambling, drug testing, inciting violence ... This situation has been repeatedly warned and requested by the Department of Radio, Television and Electronic Information to be handled but not yet the Company Google thoroughly dealt with. Notably, the Department found that these YouTube channels are all independent individual channels, not under the control of YouTube's multi-channel network management companies in Vietnam (Multi-channel Network - MCN) ” 

Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information proposed Google Company to strengthen review, rectification and handling, specifically:

- Stop sharing advertising money on YouTube channels with bullshit and sensational content at the request of the Department to protect users, especially the young, and the community of content creators. reputable in Vietnam. If the channel continues to violate, the Department will ask YouTube to block and remove the channel.

- Enhance filters and technical tools to proactively check and detect channels and videos with bullshit content, adversely affecting young people to prevent and remove.

- Consider and request that YouTube channels that are enabled to make money in Vietnam subscribe to YouTube MCNs in Vietnam, and increase the number of MCNs to ensure strict and efficient management of these channels.


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